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R e-broking employee benefits can save employers significant sums, particularly if this exercise has not been undertaken for several years.

We tailor our service to client needs and cater for this by taking the time to get to know your circumstances and requirements. One thing all of our clients have in common is the need to maximise the value they get for their employees whilst managing costs.

We act as a broker and scour the market to negotiate the best package for your requirements, we can be paid directly from the provider in which case J Edward Sellars will not bill you directly for the services we provide but we can also work on a pre-agreed fee basis if preferred.

Private Medical Insurance

P rivate Medical Insurance gives you the reassurance of knowing that should the need arise, your staff and members will receive eligible medical treatment privately. This can lead to increased productivity and employee efficiency as staff members are helped to get back to work quickly and they do not have to carry on suffering whilst waiting for NHS treatment.

Private Medical insurance covers what are known as acute conditions. The specific medical conditions covered and the treatments available will vary depending on the insurance policy.

When you provide Private Medical Insurance you can guarantee that your employees will have access to prompt treatment, a wide choice of hospitals or clinics, their own private room and a choice of consultant.These products now also come with a wealth of additional options such as no claims discount and even free gym membership.

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Life Cover

G roup Life Insurance provides a benefit on an employee's death in service. This will usually be a lump sum payable to nominated beneficiaries or a taxable pension payable to the employee's spouse, civil partner and/or other financial dependents.

A Group Life Insurance policy can be put in place by the trustees of a pension scheme to cover the scheme's liabilities for death in service benefits or by an employer to cover a contractual promise outside of a pension scheme to pay a benefit on an employee's death in service.

Within a flexible benefits package, a core benefit of, for example, two times the salary, can be put in place with options for an employee to choose a higher or lower multiple.

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Group Income Protection

G roup Income Protection can also replace lost income where an employee has to take a part-time or lower paid position because of illness or injury. This policy is used by an employer to cover a contractual promise of long-term sick pay to employees.

Benefits kick in after a prearranged waiting period – usually around six months – and can be payable until retirement or for a fixed payment period. Where a fixed period is chosen, employers can also insure an additional lump sum, payable at the end of the fixed period, which could be used to enhance an early retirement pension or to make a redundancy payment.

Most policies integrate to some extent with State incapacity provision.

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Group Critical Illness

T here is usually a choice of base or core cover (which insures against some of the most serious critical illnesses) or base/core plus additional cover (which insures against a number of additional serious conditions too). The benefit is paid once the employee has survived for a specified period (14, 28 or 30 days).

Most insurers will also offer the option of a benefit for a covered employee who is assessed as being permanently and totally disabled but not otherwise able to claim for one of the conditions covered by the policy, in which case, the employee usually needs to have been permanently and totally disabled for more than 6 months.

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W hichever service you select you will have a dedicated Stockbroker. It is important that you feel secure and comfortable with the management of your assets. This is achieved through clear and regular personal communication.

A face to face relationship is at the heart of our approach; all of our Stockbrokers are happy to visit clients and we enjoy welcoming clients to our offices. Location and directions are available from the Contact Us section of the website.

All of our Stockbrokers hold industry recognised qualifications; this is compounded with on-going training to ensure your money is being looked after in the safest way possible. We have vigorous, robust structures and procedures in place to safeguard your assets.

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